best of Milwaukee 2012

Everyday in the movies you know someone will have a moment that makes him question the universe as he knows it.

When you meet Chris Ivanovich you will realize today is your day.

You have to understand, people cannot read minds. People cannot transport matter. People cannot change the immutable laws of physics. It just can't happen.

Unless Chris Ivanovich is there.

Whether it's in an elegant drawing room or a packed-to-the-rafters bar, Ivanovich will make his audience question their senses. A deck of playing cards becomes a symphony of special effects. United States currency changes to suit his will. Penn Jillette, the louder half the comedy/magic duo Penn & Teller, says, "Chris Ivanovich is a commando magician. He does cool, funny, smart magic perfectly and he does it anywhere. Wherever he works, he's amazing; clubs, restaurants, even a dark neighborhood bar. Nothing can stop him."

"What in the world?”

Let it happen to you.

Wonder for yourself.

ivanovich blue pic