Renaissance Faires

trust but verify by mimi cattle

“Ivanovich! Ivanovich! Ivanovich”

You hear the crowd chanting even before you can see what’s happening. And when you move through the crowd you see it. But you don’t believe it.

One man is doing something crazy. Maybe he is swallowing a glass full of needles, eating some thread and then pulling the threaded needles out of his mouth. Maybe he’s cutting open a lemon to find your signed $20 sealed securely inside of it. Maybe he’s struggling desperately to get out of a straitjacket to beat a challenge before time runs out and audience members douse him with water. But he’s surrounded by people chanting his name, laughing, and being dumbstruck by a show that can only be described as – magic!

Chris Ivanovich began his performing career over 20 years ago at renaissance faires, and honed it through countless street and stage performances. He has performed at faires across the country and in a variety of performance circumstances from small, one on one encounters to street shows performing totally surrounded to large stages. Some of his past venues included:

Chris’ act is uniquely crafted; audience perfected, and nothing like you'll see from any other magicians. Most magicians’ acts come straight from the magic shop -- trick cards and secret boxes and little gimmicks that most kids by the age of ten have seen in their first magic set. Chris is a veteran of two decades of professional sleight-of-hand who works with ordinary items, which makes the magic and the con games even more mind-boggling!

Chris Ivanovich performs in character as the Russian conjuror Ivanovich, or as "Mister X" – a charming pirate scalawag with a penchant for street hustles and cons. He works constantly, both on stage and in the lanes, performing unusual, unique magic, and demonstrating classic timeless con games that go back to the tenth century! He cheats, he lies, and the only guarantee his happy audience gets is that they will be deceived. And they love him for it!